1993 Matchbox Formula 1

IMG_5391.JPG#0 Damon Hill // Canon Williams Team // Williams FW15C-Renault-Goodyear

IMG_5393.JPG#9 Derek Warwick // Footwork Mugen Honda // Footwork FA14-Mugen Honda-Goodyear

IMG_5394.JPG#27 Jean Alesi // Scuderia Ferrari // Ferrari F93A-Ferrari-Goodyear

IMG_5395.JPG#30 J.J. Lehto // Team Sauber Formula 1 // Sauber C12-Sauber-Goodyear

BONUS: #5 Nigel Mansell // Canon Williams Team // Williams FW14B-Renault-Goodyear

IMG_5392.JPGThough he didn’t compete in Formula 1 in 1993, Mansell’s 1992 championship-winning car was released in the Nigel Mansell Collection alongside his 1993 IndyCar title ride. Mansell would return to Williams toward the end of 1994 as one of multiple replacements for the late Ayrton Senna, and concluded his Formula 1 career with a disappointing two-race stint for McLaren in 1995.

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