i’ve been obsessed with the cult of speed since the day i was born. but just as important, i’ve been obsessed with the tangible artifacts that come from it.

i’m a writer by trade—i’ve been covering various racing series for the past decade for a host of different sites. but what drives me to do so isn’t even just a love for the sport, for watching the bravest men and women i’ve ever met try to find the quickest line around racetracks all over the world. it’s a desire to preserve the stories and images that come out of those race weekends, and to make sure that it’s never forgotten.

over the past quarter century i’ve amassed an incredible, eclectic collection of automotive and motorsports memorabilia. i’ve ramped up my efforts over the past year-plus to bring that collection to the next level, investing in diecast and race programs collected from the world over. many of these items have their own backstory, their own memories worthy of preservation.

my job is to give these words and images, paper and plastic, hats and t-shirts, a new life. one more lap around the track, so to speak. occasionally, i’ll add my own words and images to the trove—but this isn’t just about me or my stories. it’s about the stories that came well before me.

it’s about the bond that all of these things share between them:
metal fuel + rubber.

i look forward to sharing the journey with you.